Text and Pixels

Text and Pixels consults your organization to share your story via the following services. Any of the modalities can be applied to these services per client preference and need:

Serving Community

Dena Rosko proffers services to benefit community. Dena gladly speaks with colleauges, organizational and civic leaders, work teams, clinicians, carers, constituents, church groups, adult professionals, and English language, undergraduate, and graduate learners in small groups or one-on-one to develop vocation, to encourage contribution, and to support literacy in the below services for health and education reform and civic involvement. Dena desires to benefit a thriving public commons, social justice counterpoints, faith-based communication, and narrative ethics.

Contact Text and Pixels to learn about volunteer and pro-bono consulting services.

Leadership Consulting

Leadership consulting develops these areas:

  1. Development: Vocational, team, organizational, community, and interagency
  2. Design: Embedding development in contextual, cultural, and/or communication system
  3. Vision: Discovering, developing, communicating, and influencing via your vision
  4. Mission: Accomplishing your vision via developing and communicating your mission
  5. Congruence: Ensuring the communication strategy embodies your vision and mission
  6. Efficacy: Reflecting on realized intent in aesthetic texts and leadership goals

Communication Consulting

Consulting takes place within the following arenas per your organization's wants:

  1. Strategy: Consulting multi- modal and channel strategy via organization themes
  2. Inquiry: Locating your organization's vision, mission, and goals to embed into communication strategy
  3. Development: Consulting work groups to tell their story of "I," "We," "Place," and "Future" to develop holism, benefit vocational growth, foster unity, boost morale, yield vision, and inspire innovation
  4. Interventions: Encouragement and coaching for fear and apprehension on teams
  5. Collaboration: Teaching dialogue and confirmation to unifty divergent teams
  6. Communication Audit: Discovering an organization's vision, mission, key relationships, team dynamics, and identity
  7. Digital Storytelling: Draw from findings to tell organization's story via text and pixels
  8. Branding: Draw from audit findings to communicate brand in online presence and the organization's image
  9. Engagement: Interact with your constituents in your channels of choice
  10. Facilitation: Organizing themes and coordinating teams for public speaking, media relations, writing, photography, and intermedia content production
  11. Relations: Support for public, media, and community relations

Narrative and Intermedia Consulting

Story Consulting topics depends on your wants, needs, and range from personal stories to community profiles. I craft each session topoi via the organization's input and my recommended strategy. Select from these Story services:

  • Inquiry: Interpersonal or small group interviews to identify culture and wants
  • Content: Text and pixel consulting to produce narrative for your organization
  • Workshop: On-location sessions for personnel or work groups to craft and share their story via elected modalities. Workshops range from 90 minutes to 3 hours
  • Facilitation: On-location or offsite for teams or individuals to craft, share, and present their stories via elected modalities. Training sessions range from 90 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Seminars: On-location or offsite for teams or organization wide cross-collaboration with affiliates spanning 1-3 business days. Seminars include workshops, training, group or individual presentation, and/or panel discussion, and foster local, regional, and global networks depending on organization goals

Text Consulting

Select from these Text services:

  • Academic Editing: Feedback for layout, clarity, and synthesis of theses and dissertations
  • Editorial Writing: Training, workshops, or content to write on health and education reform, public commons, vocational development, political commentary or critique
  • Creative Writing: Facilitation, workshops, or content to write brand, health, education, interagency, governance, or social concern projects for team, organizational, community, or personal narratives using creative writing techniques or expressive arts interventions
  • Copyediting: Proofreading and copyediting content online and print for thematic clarity, focus, persuasiveness, and audience impact
  • Research Writing: Training, workshops, or content to research and write expository or persuasive studies and articles
  • Findings Report: Formal written report delivered in .pdf and/or bound hardcopy

Pixels Consulting

Select from these Pixels services:

  • Photography: Stills (event, details, people, places, editorial)
  • Audio: Mp3, wav files (interviewing, photojournalism, slideshow narration)
  • Montages: Short audiovisual montages (interviews, stills, film footage, music, narration)
  • Social Media: Social networking, blogging, microblogging, integration and engagement

Text and Pixels Consulting

  • Montage journalism: Profiling organizational relations with community, culture, and locale via aforementioned services

Potential Organizations

Text and Pixels provides services to the following organizations:

  • education, e.g., program design, interagencies, vocational development, alumni relations, campus ministry, community relations
  • health, e.g., interagencies, community health practitioners, hospices, hospitals, clinics, private residences, and other contexts that do health together
  • community, e.g., faith-based, non-governmental organizations, associations, ministries, parachurch, community leaders, not-for-profit, grassroots groups, and change agents
  • business, e.g., marketing departments, community relations, organizations wanting to document and market corporate histories, or to improve team morale, unity, and to discover and communicate vision and mission
  • government organizations, civic leaders, interagencies, grassroots groups, e.g., who want to communicate visionary leadership and integrate and engage their constituents via social media while campaigning and serving
  • private sector, e.g., families in transition, such as in end-of-life situations, who want to gather oral stories to honor history and memorialize people they love


Text and Pixels helps you or your organization to do the following:

  • engage culture via intermedia
  • create a healthy work environment
  • foster a creative culture and identity
  • reframe problems as opportunities
  • envision a bright future
  • improve work teams' morale
  • catalyze growth & connect org value
  • develop an ethos to confirm and engage constituents
  • dialogue diverse conversations
  • inspire mindfulness and awareness of the situated and systemic
  • contribute vocational growth
  • benefit society
  • celebrate your brand
  • share your story in text and pixels

Contact us to determine which of these consulting services and modalities best suit you.