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Dena Rosko began her passion for storytelling at a young age by writing short stories and photographing family events. Prior to founding Text and Pixels, Dena created Dena Rosko Photography, which she developed from 2004-2009. There she provided event, editorial, and marketing photography services for a variety of clientele, including local publications Renton Magazine and The Business Report.

Dena graduated with a Master of Arts (MA) in Communication and Organizational Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English and Communication emphasizing Creative Writing and Mass Media Studies from the University of Washington. She also studied Journalism, Bible, and Theology at Multnomah University.

During her graduate studies, Dena gained an appreciation for developing organizations via communication consulting, intermedia, vocational development, and narrative health. She drew on her own experiences with adversity, writing, and her professional background. She now develops and consults organizations with a special interest in health. Dena bases her leadership philosophy and consulting modalities in part on her Master's Thesis, which explored fear of death in end of life caregiving contexts via photographs and poems as produced on a blog. She says:

Ethical leadership hinges on our response to mortality-elicited fear. My mission includes encouraging and supporting people's growth and healing during adversity. I endeavor to partner with health, education, and civic organizations to improve communication, invoke leadership to create sound and ethical practices, and encourage people in their respective critical life situations. I call this genre of work narrative health, where I apply my modalities, or intermedia narratives.
Intermedia intersects the social sciences and arts often via digital platforms. The arts help people to perform life and reframe adversity. Social science assists people to transition through adversity to engage and contribute to society productively. The two frameworks progress reaching in to reaching out. Throughout I love people and aspire to treat each person and organization with respect, dignity, and care while maintaining my standards for quality and professionalism.

To that intent, Dena continues developing a beneficial return for clients by studying for a Doctor of Education (EdD) emphasizing organizational leadership and development via Grand Canyon University. Dena collaborates with people and organizations experiencing or wanting growth. She also gladly supports those who want to improve their communication strategies or leadership practices. She draws from her faith, a love for people, and a gifts-based approach to express creativity, develop vocation, unify teams, boost morale, foster healing in loss, and to simply be present with her holistic, authentic, and aware leadership style. This approach contributes benefit.

Dena's memberships include Editorial Photographers, Society for Applied Anthropology, Western States Communication Association, and Challenging Hate.

For fun, Dena enjoys watching classic movies, road trips to the high desert or ocean, connecting with people, photographing people, places, details, and events with her artistic and editorial style, reading, writing, journalling, blogging, social networking, picnicking at parks with her niece, walking and exploring, public markets, city centers, sunrises and sunsets, live music, and tea dates with friends.

Learn more about Dena Rosko at DenaRosko.com and her research. Stay current with Dena's recent work via her blog at Text and Pixel Reflections. Access Dena Rosko's Resume, CV, and Writing Sample. Letters of recommendation available upon request. Connect with many of Dena's social networks via About.Me.


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