Text and Pixels

Hi! Welcome to Text and Pixels. We develop and consult your organization via organizational and health communication, intermedia narrative, vocational design, and holistic leadership to know and share your story with your constituents.


Text and Pixels aspires to deliver creative, effective, and humane approaches to leading, organizing, and communicating for health, education, and the public commons to inspire constituents, stakeholders, and communities to contribute holistically, sustainably, and beneficially to society.


Text and Pixels develops and consults organizations via communication, intermedia narrative inquiry, production, integration, and engagement, vocational design, and dialogic leadership. We collaborate with clients to develop a strategy that reflects their vision, mission, and goals and to deliver quality results via culturally engaging, collaborative, and socially beneficial communication.


Text and Pixels delivers development and consulting services in

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Intermedia Narrative
  • Individualized Text and/or Pixels options

Text and Pixels also volunteers with community and human service organizations. Learn more about Text and Pixels' services.

Desired Outcomes

From our vision, mission, and services we desire to improve society and to benefit people's quality of life in health, education, and the public commons.

Potential Benefits

Development via communication consulting, vocational design, dialogic leadership, and intermedia narrative provide these potential benefits:

  • launch cohesively
  • build ethical system
  • renew practitioners
  • ease transitions
  • encourage morale
  • sharpen decision making
  • enhance coping or skills
  • embolden with confidence
  • facilitate growth
  • empower constituents
  • discover vision
  • define a mission
  • bond and unifty teams
  • build and engage constituents
  • enhance identity and image
  • relate to publics
  • quality process and outcomes
  • contribute to culture and history
  • provide centering
  • foster healing
  • ignite passion
  • identify priorities and values
  • give perspective and purpose
  • finetune clarity and focus
  • design and utilize intermedia
  • promote vocational action
  • lead to beneficial change
  • communicate the above
    internally and externally


Text and Pixels develops and consults with the following frameworks or assumptions:

  • leadership as inspiring and contributing holistic, dialogic, and sustainable benefit inter- group, agency, and media
  • enriching and civic duty to develop self, vocation, team, organizations, community, and society
  • dialogic inquiry respects diversity
  • connect via empathetic understanding
  • locate wants and expectation to transform conflict
  • communicating confirmation as humane and healthy
  • need to produce, integrate, and engage via intermedia and narrative
  • principled contribution instead of separate or container motifs
  • open-ended inquiry to offset embeddedness
  • vocational motivation and action yield congruence and confidence
  • intermedia, expressive arts, performance, narrative, rhetoric, and writing as political reframing
  • envision and realize belief in future
  • reframe problems into opportunities
  • fear, illness, loss, grief, health narratives heal
  • situated choice and contribution amid system perspective
  • value multiple frames of knowing
  • include holistic, rapport-intuitive, credible, dialogic leadership
  • socio-culture and faith as relevant narratives amid political system
  • gifts-based, collaborative, creative, unified teams serve sustainably
  • learning by teaching, doing, creating, reflecting, relating, producing, leading, feedback, being
  • multi- faceted and channelled growth
  • empowerment via merging intent and action
  • responsibility to contribute ethical process and beneficial outcomes
  • healing by reconciling unmet expectations, expressing vocation, and developing community
  • redeem adversity via vocational virtue and social benefit
  • succeed via networking connectivity
  • fidelity to ethics yet flexibility to conversion funnel
  • locate language and shared values via story brings moderation
  • credibility by delivering consistently compassionate and quality results


Text and Pixels develops and consults with the following style:

  • Narrative: acknowledging the link between story and identity, culture, vision, mission, relationships, behaviors, and choices
  • Team-Centered: motivate, inspire, unify teams and boost morale
  • Rapport: conversation, moderation, transparency, access
  • Relational: engaging, collaborative, caring, being present
  • Supportive: communication projects with decision-makers, see the process through
  • Quality: selective, expressive, creative deliverables
  • Inquiry: open-ended, ongoing, ethnographic, narrative, feedback
  • Results: establish expectations, salient, meaningful, drive for excellence
  • Ethic: "reach in to reach out," or reflective, vocational, contribute, integrate, interact, intentional, aesthetic, focused, whole, dialogic, confirming, systems, and beneficial
  • Confidential: demonstrating professionalism and respect
  • Collaborative: networking with clients, education, health, government, technology, human services, interagency, media, communication, consulting, leadership, grassroots, and expressive arts organizations


Text and Pixels develops and consults with one or more of these methods:

  • Consulting: Develop ideas and plan communication strategy.
  • Workshops: Facilitate or train teams to produce and share intermedia narrative.
  • Retreats: Develop vision, mission, and goals in large or small groups.
  • Feedback: Invite contribution via a peer-to-peer model within circle groups or survey.
  • Interview: Set the stage for sharing narrative, generate new information, and reveal themes via highly interactive interpersonal conversation.
  • Participant Observation: Embed and participate with teams to observe internal and external communication systems, artifacts, and environment.
  • Survey Questionnaire: Yield tangible measures for employee and constituent perception of a given research question via online surveys for anonymity and convenience.
  • Artifacts: Cross-reference environment, press kits, display art, documents, and internal and external communication systems to inform recommendations.
  • Intermedia: Produce, integrate, and engage intermedia content and channels to develop brand, initiative, campaign, or movement.


Text and Pixels develops and consults with one or multiple modalities:

  • grassroots and interagency networking and collaboration
  • vocational, organizational, and community development
  • health leadership, communication system, sustainable governance, and higher education program design
  • editorial, event, archival, memorial, health, and life cycle photography
  • editing and feedback for senior projects, theses, and dissertations
  • expository and persuasive writing
  • editorial, creative, journalistic, loss, faith, inspirational, reflective, poetic, civic, academic, and health writing
  • archival, scrapbook, and collage
  • reflective and vocational exercises
  • intermedia, multi-modal, blogging and social networking multi-channel content or montage production, integration, and engagement
  • coding, or HTML, CSS
  • strategizing communication via vision, mission, and goals
  • public, media, interagency, and community relations
  • facilitating speaking and leading creative production teams
  • fear or apprehension interventions
  • intermedia and digital storytelling workshops
  • auto/ethnographic, narrative, and qualitative research
  • photo-, backpack, grassroots, location, and community journalism
  • organizational communication audit and recommendations
  • interpersonal, life story, and oral history interviews
  • small, focus, and circle groups
  • findings report and recommendations
  • research ethos design
  • special event coordinating
  • tea, cafe, or Skype chats

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